Miscellaneous For Sale

We have a number of odd lots of barn boards, varying shades, widths and lengths we’d like to clear out to make room for incoming inventory, so we’re offering these at a discount. They would work great for small jobs or craft projects. All of it goes out the door at $2 a board foot.

We also have a few dozen board feet of band saw sawn cedar and walnut that has been air drying for more than 20 years. Most are 3/4″ -1″ thick, 5″-8″ wide and 4′-5′ long. Cedar is $2 a board foot, the walnut is $3 a board foot.

There’s also a small barn door (asking $40) and about a dozen used wooden pallets ($2 each).

Message us, email us at info@saltriversalvage.com, or call 573-721-1111.